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Celebr​ant​ and MC​​​

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 

Wahoo if you're here that means you're probably getting married soon yay!!​

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement and  kudos to you on finding the one. I hope this experience isn't too daunting yet and I would like to pre-wish you the best of luck with the exciting road ahead planning your dream wedding.

Secondly, Hi! I'm Toni, a full time wedding celebrant and MC based on the Gold Coast. What does being a full time celebrant mean? That means that this isn't just a hobby for me, this is what I do day in day out. It means I live and breathe weddings and honestly, I think there is no job in the world that compares.

Being there for such a momentous day in a couples life is such an honour and such privilege, I love every minute of my time with every couple and being a part of their planning from the beginning until the end. 

Hopefully I will be exactly what you are looking for when searching for your Celebrant or MC and to see if that might be me, I'll start you off here's a few quick wedding notes about my style-

-I am super nosey!

I like to hear all about how you met, how that turned in to love, the little things you love about each other and what you want to do in your future together. I love hearing, I love reading it and I love retelling it on your wedding day. 

- I love a good checklist! 

Having everything covered and absolutely perfect for you is my top priority, if you are like me and want a checklist for every single element of your day... trust me I have it

- I have separate conversations at the end of the aisle!

I want you to feel comfortable when getting to the end of the aisle so if having a little chit chat is what you need then that's what we will do. Shayel and I talked about how I had mud caked on my toes (wet day I promise!), Leia and I had a very invasive fly wanting to participate in their ceremony and sometimes I just can't help telling a bride how beautiful they look or telling the groom how beautiful his vows were.

With those little bits and pieces to get you started I'll leave you with the rest of the site! Please feel free to ask away any questions you may have along the way and I hope to be helping you plan your most special of days!

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