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Ceremony Readings

Traditional weddings always included a reading or poem, this isn't the case so much anymore but certainly an element still around. 

When including a reading or poem, it can be executed in a few different ways.


First, you will need to decide if you are asking a guest (including bridal party) or myself to actually read the reading. 

Then you will need to decide on what they are reading. Any readings or poems spoken during a ceremony have to have a credit to the author stated before being recited. 

Introducing a reading, I would say something along these lines- 

"I would now like to invite Jane's aunt Sonya forward to share a reading with you all today. She will be reading "The Keys to a Loving, Lasting Relationship" by Casey Whilson"

The reader would either stand to the side with both members of the couple facing towards them or would take the place of where I was standing. 

I would hand them the microphone and the printed reading and then retrieve the pieces back from them upon completion of the reading. 

What you need to think about in regard to readings-

Will you be including readings and how many?

Identify readers and respective readings?

Will your celebrant provide the reading for your guests to read, or will they bring it themselves?

Ask your reader/s if they could practice their reading/s a couple of times out loud before the ceremony as most people speak to quickly, be sure to let them know they will be using a microphone, so it is important to hold it close and speak clearly.

Consider where they will stand during the reading, in place of the celebrant, outside of the bridal party etc.

PA system: instruction on mic use for Bride & Groom + Readers. Always keep the microphone angled close to the mouth and try to speak a little louder than normal when outdoors if you can manage it.

Sometimes it is hard to speak in front of such a large crowd but if you can manage to get your words clear everyone would love to hear what you have to say.

Link to suggested readings

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