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Ceremony Rituals

Rituals, the terrible name for something really nice. Rituals are the act of performing a ceremony that may result in a physical keepsake from the day for example a hand fasting ceremony where you will keep the knot tied. You may also have a ceremony included that the act symbolises, like a butterfly release symbolising love, hope, and beauty.

What sort of rituals are there?

Sand pouring- Pouring together of different sands to symbolise the granules never possibly being able to be separated into their individual origins again. 

Hand- Fasting- The tying together of hands with a rope or ribbon

Unity Candle lighting- 

Candle-lighting is quite common as a symbolic act of blending and binding. Whilst this ceremony can take many forms, it’s common that the couple light individual small candles and together light a larger center candle as a symbolic act of their union.

Things to consider in regard to rituals-

Are there any rituals or ceremonies being performed, if so, consider details including props and participants.

Who will be responsible for getting the props there on the day.

Who will be responsible for handing them after the ceremony. 

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