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The Shoe Game

Wedding Shoe Game

The shoe game is a really popular fun little game to play during your reception. How it works generally is the couple sit back to back on two chairs with one of their own shoe and one of their partners shoe. The MC will then ask questions and the couple raise the shoe that they think answers the question for example- "Who is the messy one" This question often results in the couple putting up the opposite shoe and gives everyone a bit of a giggle. 

 I'll pop some examples of shoe game questions below-

1. Who made the first move?

2. Who paid on the first date?

3. Who was the first to say “I love you”?

4. Who is more romantic?

5. Who is the better cook?

6. Who is more stubborn?

7. Who is funnier?

8. Who is better at planning surprises?

9. Who shops more?

10.Who wears the pants in the relationship?

11.Who is a pickier eater?

12.Who is a better shower singer?

13.Who made the first move?

14.Who is needier when they’re sick?

15.Who never forget anniversary dates?

16.Who wakes up earlier?

17.Who is a bigger party animal?

18.Who is the better driver?

19.Who says sorry first?

20.Who takes the longest to get ready?

21.Who is clumsier?

22.Who cries more at movies?

23.Who would last longer on a deserted island?

24.Who is better with directions?

25.Who is always confused about what food to order?

26.Who is never wrong?

27.Who is messier?

28.Who has better taste in music?

29.Who dances better?

30.Who snores louder?

31.Who can’t keep a secret?

32.Who is more likely to be late?

33.Who cracks the best jokes?

34.Who is moodier?

35.Who throws bigger tanty’s?

36.Who is always hungry?

37.Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?

38.Who is more emotional?

39.Who will do more household chores?

40.Finally, who is more excited to finally be husband and wife?

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