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Wedding Housekeeping
Wedding Housekeeping

What is it?
Housekeeping is any information you'd like delivered to your guests before the walk down the aisle takes place.

What is usually included?
-Letting guests know if you're wanting an unplugged ceremony (No phones or cameras to be used and on silent too please 🙏)
-Letting guests know if you'd like them to wait to share any photos of you on social media before you've made your big announcement.
-Advising if a group shot is going to take place after the hugs and congrats, so we keep as many as we can close by.
-Advising if we are having some throwing items handed out at the end (Confetti, petals etc.) and of course asking them to throw it 'up' not 'at' 😂
-The last one for me is just a personal preference, which is if we are having a "standing" or "seated" arrival. I like to advise our guests either way and if having a standing arrival, I think it looks great if all of our guests get on up out of their seats at the same time. If your guests aren't advised that it's coming, they make take it upon themselves to determine the perfect time... one at a time... like a big old whack a mole game!


The housekeeping is the first part of the ceremony, I will welcome all the guests and provide any applicable housekeeping announcements. Any information that you need communicated to your guests before the ceremony will need to be communicated at this point, as after you've walked down the aisle there's no turning back!

Remember, anything you want to see happen, let me know and I'll make sure your guests are aware of your wishes.

You can watch a little video on housekeeping here- 

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