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The Ceremony Rundown​

On this page you will find the basic rundown of how a ceremony flows section by section with a brief overview of what is involved in each of those sections. Please note this is a guide to a basic order of service. Couples and celebrants are welcome to add, change, reorder and/or omit any parts as long as the Monitum and minimum legal vows are said by the celebrant and the couple in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961.

Clicking on the heading or photo of each section will take you the page explaining the section in more detail.

Ceremony Housekeeping

Celebrant welcomes all the guests and provides any applicable housekeeping announc​ements (phones on silent, ‘unplugged’ info, what’s happening after the ceremony – group photo etc.)

The couple walks down the aisle to music with the wedding party and their nominated escort if any (father, mother etc.) Sometimes the couple may choose to enter together. If there is a bride and groom, the groom would usually wait at the end of the altar.
Ceremony Welcoming

I welcome everyone, state my full name and qualification and the full names of the couple being married. The welcoming can include any particular thanks (parents, people who have traveled) and acknowledgements (loved ones who are no longer with us or absent family and friends).

Wedding Personal Story

The story is by far my favourite part of any ceremony, I find it an honour when couples are happy to share their most intimate feelings about each other and it makes me all warm and fuzzy when I read the details about how they met. it gives your guests an insight into some of the aspects of your relationship they may not know.

Wedding rituals and readings

The couple may choose to include some readings or poems. These can be read either by the celebrant or a guest, or even the couple themselves. Rituals/Blessings The couple may include any particular wedding rituals or blessings. These can be traditional, religious or multicultural..

Wedding Monitum

The legal wording from the Marriage Act 1961, stated by the celebrant. 

Wedding "I do's"

This is where the celebrant asks the couple to confirm their intentions to marry. It’s the non-legal part that ends with the couple saying “I do!” 

Wedding Vows


Everyone's favourite part.... probably not. The couple state their vows to each other (including the legal minimum vows from the Marriage Act 1961).

Wedding Ring Exchange

The couple usually exchange rings, often accompanied by a short ring verse. 

Wedding Kiss

The celebrant concludes and announces the couple as a married couple, and then... it's smooching time!

Wedding Signing

The couple sign their wedding documents with their celebrant and two witnesses.

Wedding Exit

The couple walk back down the aisle to music, most times followed by their bridal party. The recessional will sometimes include something being tossed over the couple such as rose petals or confetti, known as a "Styled exit"

Wedding group Photo
Once the couple has reached the end of the aisle, their guests will usually come in for a some hugs and to say congratulations. The is usually followed by a group photo.
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