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Wedding Ceremony Signing

The couple and their two witnesses will now sign the register. The witnesses must be over 18. The witnesses can be anyone, but it is recommended that you know them. Sometimes this is a nice way to involve someone who wasn’t in the bridal party but deserves a part such as mothers and mothers in law. Often though it is the duty of the best man and maid of honour.

2 different forms each to be signed on the day, signatures only as all other information will be the same as your NOIM. All the forms must be signed by all parties with no mistakes including the marriage celebrant for the ceremony to be complete. The bride will use their “old” signature for signing the documents. Your witnesses must actually witness couple signing so will sign after couple and will sign all the same documents as the couple. Witnesses must be over 18.

Decide if you would like any table decorations or any special pens to be used. Commonly the bride’s and or bridesmaids’ bouquets are used as decoration and remember not to decorate too much as 5 people will be around this table needing space. If you have a special family pen that is being used it must be in black ink for the official BDM documents, you may use what you would like for your ceremonial certificate as it is yours to keep from that day onwards. 

2 songs will be required for the signing. If you have a preference, put it first as it may not be used. Make sure your photographer knows if you want any extra shots of the document signing or anyone in particular in your signing shots but also let them know if you only want candid un-posed shots as some will push for many posed ones.

One of the forms is called a Form 15, it is the fancy looking one. This form is numbered and assigned to the couple, and you cannot have it replaced ever. This is not the one you take around to change your name, you received another one from Births, Deaths and Marriages following the ceremony, and that is the one you will use for that. I will bring a frame for this certificate and will ask you to assign someone for me to hand that to on the day. 

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