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Ring Exchange

Ring Exchange

Whilst not a legal part of the wedding ceremony, the majority of couples will want to exchange rings. Usually how it works is we have the rings brought forward, I do a little bit of a wording and then I'll ask you, one at a time, to place the rings on each other's fingers, sounds simple right? That's because it is! 


Some details to consider in regard to the ring exchange-

Who will be holding the rings and will they be asked by name to present them.

Will they be in a box and is the box important to you, decide who is to be responsible for the box if it is important.

Try to angle each other’s hands to the camera when placing each other’s rings.

If your ring is a little tight, nerves and excitement can make them even tighter, if you push up onto the bottom of the finger it will help slide over the knuckle.

Don’t force if not behaving, just wiggle it on a bit later.

Some brides like to move their engagement ring to the other hand for the ceremony as well to make it a special moment when receiving your newest ring.

The wedding ring will go below the engagement ring after the day as well. 

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